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Guiding the Value 

Chain of Innovation

About Borman & Company

With more than 75 years of combined experience in intellectual property management, Borman & Company supports research-intensive clients, including medical centers, universities and SBIR's, manage their value chain of innovation. We work with world-class institutions to forge successful private sector research and licensing relationships, harness the data and financial infrastructure required for Bayh-Dole compliance and advance effective technology transfer through every step along the path to commercialization.

Areas of Expertise

Intellectual Property Evaluation

  • IP portfolio management

  • Competitive technical analysis

  • Market opportunity identification

Licensing and Patents

  • Patent analytics

  • Licensing structure, negotiation

  • IP and royalty audits

Tech Transfer

  • Connect private & public partners

  • Value optimization

  • Business model optimization

Outsourced Patent Docketing


  • Meet deadlines, lower legal fees

  • Ensure docket data integrity

  • Free up internal resources

Small Business & SBIR

  • Bayh-Dole compliance

  • Patent docket management

  • License agreement management

Bayh-Dole Compliance

  • iEdison reporting

  • Disclosure research

  • Data forensics and remediation

NIST Utilization Reporting Has Changed
Helping our clients be strong stewards of innovation.

“Borman & Company combines a high level vision of the institution and its business objectives with superior tactical execution skills to keep the project on track to meet the timetable and milestones.”

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