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About Borman & Company

With more than 75 years of combined experience in intellectual property management, Borman & Company supports research-intensive clients, including medical centers, universities and SBIR's, manage their value chain of innovation. We work with world-class institutions to forge successful private sector research and licensing relationships, harness the data and financial infrastructure required for Bayh-Dole compliance and advance effective technology transfer through every step along the path to commercialization.

Areas of Expertise

Intellectual Property Evaluation

  • IP portfolio management

  • Competitive technical analysis

  • Market opportunity identification

Licensing and Patents

  • Patent docketing & analysis

  • Licensing structure, negotiation

  • Royalty investigation/reconstruction

Tech Transfer

  • Connect private & public partners

  • Value optimization

  • Business model optimization

Patent Analytics

  • Unlock valuable insights

  • Gain competitive advantage

  • Create powerful data visualizations

Small Business & SBIR

  • Bayh-Dole compliance

  • Patent docket management

  • License agreement management

Bayh-Dole Compliance

  • iEdison reporting

  • Disclosure research

  • Data forensics and remediation

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Helping our clients be strong stewards of innovation.

“Borman & Company combines a high level vision of the institution and its business objectives with superior tactical execution skills to keep the project on track to meet the timetable and milestones.”

What's New?

Tech transfer has always played an instrumental role in moving new technologies to market. Now with the unusual impetus of a pandemic, we see great opportunity for TTO’s to enhance their role in supporting new collaborations to accelerate commercialization while at the same time putting their house in order to operate wi...

While the best of university and hospital researchers apply their skills to mitigate the current crisis, tech transfer leaders would do well to prepare for an environment that will undoubtedly change post-COVID-19. We have corralled and will share a number of themes articulated by tech transfer leaders as they manage the...

Over the past two decades nearly all technology transfer offices have implemented a commercial, off-the-shelf database management system to support their operations. These are all good systems. But simply having them is not good enough. To maximize your return on investment...

Although it’s been more than a year since new Bayh-Dole reporting requirements were announced, we continue to see our clients challenged with the best process and tactics to implement the changes going forward. And with the recent news that NIST will take over the iEdison system from NIH and further regulatory updates to...

The original motivation for the Bayh-Dole Act was to encourage the commercialization of academic innovation so that new technologies could be available for the benefit of all. Yet today, I feel compelled to call attention to a compliance landscape that is significantly different than that of the past four decades—one tha...

New Bayh-Dole reporting requirements may put SBIR/STTR intellectual property at risk.

Higher education is under fire. With costs spiraling upward, student applications down, a new excise tax levied on endowments, universities large and small are grappling with their fiscal foundation. Yet, if university presidents take the time to glance inward, they may find a strong contributor to revenue within their h...

For institutions that depend on federal funding to support their research, lack of compliance with Bayh-Dole mandates can jeopardize ownership of inventions and associated patent rights. For attorneys who serve these clients in protection of intellectual property this should be a concern.  Many medical research centers,...

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