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For Medical Research Centers

We view medical research centers as the crucible for innovation. As such, the relationships fostered on the path to commercialization are many-to-many that engage in a dynamic dance. The players may include research partners (academic and industry), licensee’s, CRO’s, patient advocacy groups and the agreements between the parties are by definition complicated. To top it off, this environment is rocked by outside forces, most recently a pandemic, and priorities shift, constituents can change and dimensions of relationships shift from year-to-year.


All of this impacts an institution’s ability to respond with certainty to federal compliance obligations. Borman & Company works with innovation leaders including Dana Farber, MD Anderson, Boston Children’s Hospital, among others - to audit the legacy portfolio for data quality and integrity of agreements thereby building a solid structure to support the pace of ongoing innovation.


We build client confidence that the crucial foundation we provide is able to support a strong and complete execution on innovation requirements and opportunities. This, in turn, provides our clients increased capacity to commercialize these discoveries quickly. You persevere to solve important world problems. We keep our eye on these important factors so that important innovation development continues apace.


  • Advised on mission and direction regarding entrepreneurship at a $4.6B
    medical center development, including appropriate business model,
    institutional structure and national business strategy.  Work has directly
    contributed to jump starting this effort and has brought the center to
    national prominence, assisting in bringing an entire metropolitan area
    together in a shared goal.

  • Supported the iEdison reporting requirements for a $120 million portfolio of federally funded grants at a Boston-based medical institution known worldwide for its leadership in research, innovation and patient care.  Taking the process from beginning to end required intensive data forensics to investigate more that 10,000 utilization reports and remediate the data, sourced from diverse platforms. Once the project was completed, Borman and Company put processes in place and trained the institution’s staff to support Bayh-Dole compliance demands going forward. 

  • Advised the world’s top blood research laboratory with regard to crucial IP security measures.  We also developed a tailored technology licensing
    model and strategy to effectively capture and commercialize innovations
    arising from its research.  Our efforts helped move the laboratory into
    effective IP management practices.

Clients Say

 “Compliance and reporting for federally funded research has become more and more complex. We called on Borman & Company to help our medical research center optimize procedures for iEdison reporting and to structure the organization for success going forward. For our established IP office, that handles a high volume of patents, this involved going back over 20 years of history to reconstruct the data.  Over the course of the institution’s history we have had numerous technology platform changes and an IP portfolio that included patents acquired through a merger. This only added to the complexity of the challenge. Borman & Company is in the process of getting our house in order and our team trained and prepared to carry new procedures forward.”

Senior Director, Innovation Office

Major Medical Research Center

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