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Bayh-Dole Compliance

In recent years, Congress has expressed heightened interest in enforcing reporting requirements mandated by the Bayh-Dole Act, thereby assuring U.S. citizens that the transfer of technology in research and invention programs and the tax dollars invested deliver tangible benefits for the public good.


At its core, effective compliance reporting relies on data integrity and for major medical centers and academic institutions, their history of grants may span decades.  Finding and remediating the data presents a significant challenge. For the institution, years of history contained in 1000’s of documents (paper and electronic), sometimes housed on different systems, in different locations, are needed to support compliance. For most institutions, accurate and timely federal compliance reporting is not feasible using internal resources alone.



Institutions that received federal funding for research nationwide rely on Borman & Company to support their Edison reporting initiatives. The firm’s hands-on approach to engagements covers Bayh-Dole compliance from beginning to end. The process looks something like this:


  • Review iEdison notifications; these noncompliance error messages may number in the 1000’s

  • Research the history; where disclosures were not made as required

  • Remediate the data; of the invention and the IP, the sponsorship, the financing and licensing activities

  • Reconstruct the documentation; balance sheets, patent docketing, determine the lead on inventions

  • Report via iEdison; to bring the institution into compliance


At the end of every project, the goal is to leave the client with the processes and team to manage ongoing reporting requirements. Borman & Company will advise and develop standard operating procedures tailored to the client’s systems: university compliance with Bayh-Dole and medical center iEdison reporting. To assure adoption of procedures that may be new to people in their respective roles, hands-on training and documentation underscores a successful outcome.

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Compliance Solutions for Federally-funded Research PDF


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With increased scrutiny by Congress about enforcement of the Bayh-Dole act, institutions with federally funded research programs are under the gun to structure an effective and comprehensive program for compliance and reporting.
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