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Invention and Technology Sourcing

One of our goals as intellectual property advisors is to connect private and public sector constituents to support productive research relationships. Our consultants have sat in the seats of our clients; we have all held technology transfer responsibilities in universities and major medical centers and to that end are uniquely qualified to find the innovation, make the connections and manage research partnerships.


We help CRO’s, medical centers and academic institutions in the trenches of innovative research partner with industry to move inventions along the path to commercialization.  In our work with private sector clients we seek out the right partners worldwide for outsourced research. We use our proprietary database and analytical tools to locate potential contract research resources and then qualify the potential partner based on understanding market context, stage of development and quality of the research.


The innovation partner relationship structure is that of buyer and seller but has its nuances based on the nature of the players.  A solid partner structure will take into account participants’ rights, compensation and certain downstream relationships. Our approach is to look at the best contributions each party will make to the relationship, advise on which party takes the lead, talk about the path forward and anticipate future opportunities that may evolve (a consortia arrangement, as an example). With the support of Borman & Company a productive relationship structure results and will serve the partners well in the management of inflexion points going forward.


Leading private companies have relied on Borman & Company to help them build a consistent pipeline of new products by identifying and sourcing innovative research to build out the IP portfolio. Think of the Borman team as your NASDAQ for knowledge. You can put us on the task of scouting a specific technology or use our advisory services to identify promising market opportunities based on your business objectives. Our proprietary analytics engine and database allows us to identify quality research that private industry can partner with, whether sourced from an academic institution, entrepreneur or contract resource organization.

Case Study

Led a global open innovation conference for a leading developer and manufacturer of scientific instruments and medical devices. The goal was to bring together key researchers and scientists from around the world to foster a greater appreciation for embracing new ideas from all sources and nurture the values of open innovation. To carry forward the work of Borman & Company the client pushed ahead to formalize open innovation as a functional area and launched an international initiative to accelerate open innovation.

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