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Technology Transfer

The goal of any successful technology transfer office is to be responsive to its stakeholders and increase output to fuel commercialization of important research discovery. Yet in academia, as well as other sectors, the tech transfer operation can be a source of friction, inefficiencies and high turnover. At its core, Borman & Company helps technology transfer teams work better.


More often than not, a well-intentioned, hard-working team in the tech transfer office is under siege. Symptoms can range from dropped patents, frustrated internal stakeholders and discord in partner relationships. We begin every engagement with an in-depth investigation to develop an understanding of the workflow, people, and processes. A successful tech transfer operation depends on alignment of people and process; roles need to be understood and resourced appropriately so that people can be accountable for success.


As industry outsources more and more of its research, Borman & Company will help identify where quality research is being done and locate potential research partners, whether that be CROs, academic institutions or entrepreneurial ventures. We pride ourselves in the ability to make the connection and manage strategic relationships with the precise research partners that will support industry’s mission-critical development. Grounded in an in-depth analysis of the patent portfolio, our proven analytic model identifies the research to fill the gaps.


In some instances, considering the challenges of managing a successful technology transfer office, clients have made the decision to outsource the entire function to Borman & Company. Our goal in running an efficient technology transfer operation is always to increase the output and responsiveness of the organization to key stakeholders and implement a process that satisfies researchers and supports the goals of the institution.

Case Study

University Tech Transfer Reinvention

For a large multi-campus academic institution, Borman & Company architected a complete technology transfer structure redesign that improved control, communication and commercialization of intellectual property. We were called in to resolve a standoff between faculty and the tech transfer office that had brought research to a standstill and had current projects stalled.

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