Borman & Company was founded in 2007 to support our research-intensive clients, including medical centers and universities, manage their value chain of innovation. We work with world-class institutions to forge successful private sector research and licensing relationships, harness the data and financial infrastructure required for Bayh-Dole compliance and advance effective technology transfer and invention protection through every step along the path to commercialization.


As the company founder, Nikki Borman advises the C-suite of leading academic institutions, medical centers, Fortune companies and nonprofits on mission-critical intellectual property matters. With her team she works with inside and independent legal counsel to assure that the patent portfolio, regulatory processes and the systems to support them are working well to serve clients.  We understand that if the business of innovation is not managed correctly, it can adversely affect the brand of the institution. From research and invention to systems and compliance to tech transfer on the path to commercialization, look to Borman & Company to help you manage the value chain of innovation.


  • Bayh Dole Compliance

  • IP Management

  • Open Innovation

  • Outsourced Tech Transfer

  • Regulatory Support

  • Research Advisory

  • Invention Validation


  • Technical Innovation Sourcing

  • Licensing and Patents

  • Systems Design and Implementation

  • New Venture Advisory

  • Data Forensics & Remediation

  • Financial Systems Design for IP

  • Partner Relationship Structure

Clients Say

“What has always impressed me about Nikki Borman is that she understands how all the pieces fit together in a complex organization yet always has vision for where the business is going. She moves easily between a high level view and the tactical details, that involve the finance, technology and systems, to get the institution where it needs to be.”

Irene Abrams

Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Development Office

Boston Children’s Hospital


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