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For University Clients

  • Reconstructed a $100 million IP portfolio for a Midwest university to fill a gap left by the acting Principal Investigator (PI).  We did an extensive financial analysis of past disclosure reports and obligations to uncover obligations related to bucky-ball fullerenes.  In addition Borman & Company completed an evaluation of the most valuable pieces of the intellectual property to commercialize and recommended partners for the university to move these along the path to commercialization.

  • Developed entrepreneurial strategies for an internationally recognized university that recently suffered a dramatic loss of NEA funding. New programs that are being explored include partnerships with the film industry to take advantage of the institution’s state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as the development of educational programs in healthcare for patients undergoing medical interventions.

Clients Say

“The team at Borman & Company has a unique set of qualifications that lends itself to assisting academia. Having a team that has worked in the academic environment with specific focus on Intellectual property matters giving them unique insight to support our experienced tech transfer office.” 

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