Institutions that receive federal funding for research nationwide rely on Borman & Company to support their Edison reporting initiatives. The firm’s hands-on approach to engagements covers Bayh-Dole compliance from beginning to end.
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Borman & Company helps our clients evaluate their intellectual assets to advise the appropriate protection strategy.  We review large and small IP portfolios to determine the relative value of inventions as they move along the path to commercialization. 
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Borman & Company helps technology transfer teams work better. In some instances, considering the challenges of managing a successful technology transfer office, clients have made the decision to outsource the entire function to us.
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Advanced patent analytics offers benefits for SBIR’s as well as university tech transfer offices. Supported by powerful data visualizations, Borman & Company offers in-depth competitive insights for any size patent portfolio to support better decision-making.
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Borman & Company helps move inventions along the path to commercialization. We use our proprietary database and analytical tools to locate potential contract research resources and then qualify potential partners based on understanding market context, stage of development and quality of research.
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Borman & Company conducts targeted intellectual property (IP) evaluation services to address our client's business issues. So, wherever your intellectual property is domiciled or deployed, we can work with you to provide the appropriate evaluation assistance.
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Case Study

Developed a management, governance and evaluation matrix for one of the world’s top medical device companies to capture innovation, invention and strategic advisory contributions from internal and external innovation collaborators.  This matrix positioned the company to effectively track, attribute, implement gain value from innovations and company strategic planning, while at the same time complying with strict government and regulatory requirements for the industry. 


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