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Effective Bayh-Dole Reporting is Critical


Given the risks of not properly reporting inventions to Edison on a timely basis, it is essential that Technology Transfer Offices have a Compliance Manager to ensure that their iEdison reporting is up to date. At the same time, understanding how to keep up with reporting new disclosures, patents, and utilization reports in Edison can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  If you are lucky enough to be in charge of compliance reporting at your Technology Transfer Office, here are some basic questions that you can ask to assess if your office has the proper staffing and expertise to be able to manage the various aspects of reporting:


  • Does Management acknowledge the need (and support for) adequate personnel to manage compliance reporting?


  • Is there a significant backlog of unreported inventions?  The cleanup itself could be very time-consuming, leaving insufficient time to manage incoming reporting.


  • Do you have access to your institution’s grants and contracts database? Is the data accurate?


  • Do you have compliance reporting SOP’s and checklists?


  •  Is there a knowledgeable backup to fill in when you are out of the office?


  • Is adequate training available?  This one is critical!

       Attendance at NIH iEdison Training Sessions and AUTM Compliance      webinars and conferences

       Training in data management, patent docketing, basic patent prosecution, agreement management as it pertains to utilization reporting, familiarity with Bayh Dole reporting requirements.


Proper resources, procedures and training will enable you to succeed in keeping your institution in compliance. I look forward to exploring further topics with you to get the job done right.

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