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Open Innovation

Borman & Company’s open innovation advisory services are grounded in a deep understanding of the multiple perspectives that fuel a successful program. These include academia, large private sector companies and startups. In furthering any open innovation initiative we help each of these stakeholders understand their appropriate role in the process, what they need to be doing to advance productive innovation and further the steps to develop an appropriate open innovation structure.


Innovation can happen anywhere and there is no one model for successful open innovation. Borman & Company conducts in-depth analysis to uncover high potential opportunities and determine the right fit for your institution, office or company. With our proprietary database of global research, we help our private sector clients identify high value research partners for collaborative IP development. And for universities seeking private partnerships, we can identify the right fit, make the introduction and help manage the relationship.


Success with open innovation is all about uncovering incentives for key stakeholders to develop an open innovation culture. Each of the parties involved needs to understand the benefits. Borman & Company excels at breaking down the silos that often exist between public and private IP development programs. From the academic perspective, Principal Investigators feel strong ownership of their labs and are sheltered in conducting their research.Yet their incentive to partner outside the university presents the opportunity to get closer to the user community and offers the potential to attract new funding sources. For the private sector, high potential research partners offer a path to accelerate innovation and fill gaps in the IP portfolio.


In order to accelerate collaborative innovation, critical steps and processes on the path to commercialization may need to be fine-tuned. When partnering, the risks and challenges to affect change increase. Borman & Company has the skills and know-how to implement the changes necessary to guide complex relationships and align people, process, technology and business objectives for a successful outcome.

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Clearing the Path to Open Innovation

A leading global developer and of scientific instruments and medical devices engaged Borman & Company to lead a multi-day open innovation conference for stakeholders across the organization.

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Open Innovation in the Idea Factory

Why is research dying in the private sector? Is there any “R” left in R&D? Although we've certainly seen a decline in recent years, those researchers and scientists left in the private sector appear to have battened down the hatches.

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