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Data Quality Drives Tech Transfer

by Kevin Barquinero, COO, Borman and Company

Over the past two decades nearly all technology transfer offices have implemented a commercial, off-the-shelf database management system to support their operations. These are all good systems. They all offer the potential for significant productivity gains and operational excellence. But simply having them is not good enough. To maximize your return on investment you must now focus on data quality.

Technology transfer is a data business. To understand the value of an invention, to secure patent protection, to license a patent to a company and manage that relationship, to track the finances and report to the government-- to do all these things well and automate tasks in your database, the data must be good. This is a complicated process that requires expert staff to engage at each stage so the tasks at hand are properly executed and accurately documented.

Often technology transfer offices do not have the full complement of experts to ensure proper execution and accurate documentation. This is where Borman & Company can help. Our team is expert in all areas of technology transfer operations, as well as all the major databases. We can be an extension to your staff for management of:

  • Disclosures – completeness of information

  • Patents – payment of annuities/avoidance of late fees

  • Agreements – track agreement terms/ensure reimbursement and royalty payments

  • Finance – account for revenue/distribute royalties to inventors

  • Compliance – iEdison reporting/remediate notifications

An added benefit of the support Borman & Company provides is confidence in the quality of your data. We ensure that your data will be accurate, setting the stage for maximizing the return on your database management system investment. Integration of technology transfer operations with database management systems is the next level of efficiency for technology transfer offices.

To learn more about Borman & Company services to advance effective technology transfer and stop by our booth #502 at the AUTM meeting in San Diego.

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