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Borman and Company News

November 29th, 2023

Nikki Borman, Borman and Company's CEO, was recently interviewed for an article (iEdison’s New Utilization Reporting Coming Due, and Many TTOs are not Ready) published by Tech Transfer Central in the Tech Transfer eNews Blog. Her comments spoke to the changed landscape for utilization reporting and the challenges faced by universities and licensees in complying with the new reporting requirements. She commented:

“As we look at all the new manufacturing mandates for licensing of federally funded technology, it necessitates reporting requirements [including] names of licensees, names of manufacturers, numbers of units sold, gross annual revenue — none of that is being tracked right now, or very few entities are tracking that.”

Borman, a former technology transfer staffer at MIT, points to products like pharmaceuticals, which are often manufactured offshore. “That’s going to be a huge problem to go to licensees in these industries who have offshore manufacturers and have them be able to gather together information that they are probably not keeping to really fill in the Bayh-Dole requirements, and it’s also going to require a lot more manpower to do that."

The complete article can be found on the Tech Transfer Central website here:

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