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Case Study

University Tech Transfer Reinvention


For a large multi-campus academic institution, Borman & Company architected a complete technology transfer structure redesign that improved control, communication and commercialization of intellectual property. We were called in to resolve a standoff between faculty and the tech transfer office that had brought research to a standstill and had current projects stalled.


Our approach was to sit down with all of the stakeholders and fully understand their concerns. What we heard from faculty was frustration with a lack of feedback or at best, unsatisfactory feedback, coming from the tech transfer office. Researchers felt they were not taken seriously as the creators of innovation, IP licensing proceeded without their input and to make matters worse, the professors opined that the tech transfer office was not fulfilling its responsibilities to pull through research opportunities with industry.  In fact, income was not being distributed appropriately and to remediate the problem, Borman & Company conducted a forensic audit of the IP financials to reconstruct the obligations to their faculty. 


As we addressed these concerns, we also evaluated roles and resources in the tech transfer office and facilitated a program to help each individual be successful and accountable to shared goals with the faculty.

This engagement with Borman & Company resulted in an immediate $1.5M licensing deal and the university established a measure of professionalism and confidence in the tech transfer office that has led to a significant upsurge in invention disclosures.


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