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Nikki Borman

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Intellectual Property | Open Innovation | Research Enterprise | Process Improvement | New Ventures | Business Investigations | Licensing | Systems | Technology Commercialization


Pharmaceutical | Biotechnology | Academic Medical Center
Technology Software | University | CRO


Nikki Borman is an accomplished professional with extensive cross-industry experience in the management of complex matters that arise in the innovation environment.  She has managed comprehensive operations and systems audits for large research institutions and facilitated complete structure redesigns that improved control, communication and effectiveness.  Her approach emphasizes building on client strengths to allow for rapid model acceptance and is predicated upon understanding the power and necessity of tailored solutions.  She also brings a thorough understanding and capability in systems design and development to manage the innovation enterprise.

Her client-attuned skills will revolutionize management standards, analysis capabilities and strategy formation, and in create organizational efficiencies that are in step mission critical needs.  She is an exceptional team builder, known for her abilities to bring divergent groups together.


Association of University Technology Managers
Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology

Borman & Company Team

Nikki Borman


Intellectual Property, Innovation, Financial Analysis & Forensics

Kevin Barquinero Senior Contributor

Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Technology Commercialization

Michele O'Shea Contributor

Innovation Operations, Patent Compliance and Reporting

Nora Gildea

Senior Contributor

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Product Commercialization

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Kara Spicer

Senior Contributor

Patent Docketing, License Compliance, Bayh-Dole Reporting

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