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Nora Gildea
Senior Contributor


Marketing | Product Management | Technology Commercialization | Content Strategy & Development | Social Media | New Ventures


Technology | Healthcare | Media & Communications  | Nonprofit 


Nora Gildea is a marketing expert and starter of all things new.  She has extensive experience developing strategy, positioning, and tactical marketing programs for introducing new and innovative products and services to market. Nora has led marketing teams for technology companies covering a range of product and services including data communications, peripherals, business intelligence and cloud computing. As an entrepreneur she has been a member of the founding team for new ventures in healthcare and sustainable transport.  With her background in product management she helps clients move inventions across the chasm to commercial success often through partnerships, channel distribution and by acquisition. She capably develops positioning and messaging to differentiate new players supported by marketing initiatives that create an outsize presence for small ventures. When it comes to David and Goliath she typically stands at the service of the former.


Product Development and Management Association 

Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology

Boston Chamber of Commerce

Borman & Company Team

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Nora Gildea

Senior Contributor

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Product Commercialization

Nora Gildea

Senior Contributor

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Product Commercialization

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