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Kara Spicer
Senior Contributor


Patent Docketing | Bayh-Dole Invention Reporting through iEdison | Patent Prosecution| U.S. and International Patent Filing


University | Pharmaceutical | Biotechnology | Technology


Kara Spicer has extensive experience in technology transfer with particular emphasis on patent docketing and patent prosecution. As a Patent Paralegal at Rice University she performed various functions in support of patent prosecution including research of patents and patent applications, assignments, annuity management, and patent database management, Bayh-Dole Compliance and iEdison. She also has 7 years experience working for law firms as a docket administrator and patent and trademark paralegal working both in the U.S. and international spheres. Her patent prosecution experience has served BACO clients well in working with both in-house and external Counsel to protect the institutions’ intellectual property.

Borman & Company Team

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Intellectual Property, Innovation, Financial Analysis & Forensics

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Kara Spicer

Senior Contributor

Patent Docketing, License Compliance, Bayh-Dole Reporting

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