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Michele O'Shea
Senior Contributor


Invention Disclosure Processing | Bayh Dole Invention Reporting through iEdison | Patent Database Design/Management/Quality Control
Patent Docketing | Payment of Patent Maintenance Fees and Annuities


University | Legal | Biotechnology | Healthcare


Michele O'Shea has nineteen years of experience in invention and patent administration, particularly in the area of government compliance and invention reporting.  She was active in providing input to the developers of iEdison on Government reporting requirements from the grantee perspective and her expertise in Bayh-Dole compliance is sought after by leading universities and medical centers nationwide.  She has developed and implemented invention and patent administration procedures for non-profit organizations.


Association of University Technology Managers

2008, 2009, 2016 Speaker at AUTM Tools Conference on Government Invention Reporting under Bayh-Dole

Borman & Company Team

Nikki Borman Principal Contributor

Intellectual Property, Innovation, Financial Analysis & Forensics

Kevin Barquinero Senior Contributor

Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Technology Commercialization

Michele O'Shea Contributor

Innovation Operations, Patent Compliance and Reporting

Nora Gildea

Senior Contributor

Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Product Commercialization

kara large.jpeg

Kara Spicer

Senior Contributor

Patent Docketing, License Compliance, Bayh-Dole Reporting

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